Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drawings for Devil.:)

Just some quick sketch I did for my HO copy.:) The drawing was supposed to represent Paulie.:)
I dreamed about purple butterflies.<3 :D Just some words I'm stuck on...And I'm really sorry for the pictures, I know its hard to see, but I just used my phone camera and not the scaner.

I'm stuck with pandas right now, so I think my portfolio is going to have at least 5 drawings of those fluffy cuties.<3
Isn't he/she just sexy?^-^ Oh I'm in love.<3

About the title...Drawings for Devil...:) It's just I wanted to post something cute about Paulie again...:) So And these drawings are for her.:) The butterfly one is for her cause: well she was listening to me saying: " I dreamed about purple butterflies" the whole day, and she never yelled at me.:) And the heart is for her, I just did some Honest Opinion things about her, and she was really happy when she red them.:) And I'm happy I made her happy.:D love her.:* :)

Love yous.:)
Angel Janey.:)