Saturday, March 31, 2012

The End.

Hmm people, I decided to stop the blog...
there is no point on continuing writing in it.
Thanks for everyone, especially for Paulie, for being nice.

Bye bye people.

From Angel.


I won't write anything about the drawings, cause I just...don't know what to write.:(.


Friday, March 30, 2012


Oh guys, I hadn't posted drawings in like 2 weeks or something, and I'm just too lazy to get my ass off the bed and go to the printer.
I know I have to put drawings and everything on Draw It Up....And I promise I will, not today, but tomorrow, I hope.:)

And now I have to pick one of the ideas for my new drawing:

  • I have that idea of drawings some kind of big posters, to put on my wall........But I'm not sure, what the theme of the poster should be?: animals, people, bands, or just some stuff, like writings, drawings and everything mixed all together.:) 
  • The Mountjoy Square Park, landscape, I never started it.:L I have a little sketch somewhere though.:)
  • And the last one is: the Hunger Games theme poster.<3 I'm totally in love with the movie and the books, especially with Peeta.(Josh Hutcherson) So I might actually draw his portrait.:) 
I don't know which one to pick, I like all 3 of them, but I have to pick at least the one to start with.....
Paulie I so need your advice!:* :)

From Angel.:)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paulie= the best person who is near me.:)

I wanted to write at least something nice about Paulie.:) She's really nice& beautiful, and I'm always acting like a bitch with her.:L But she's always nice and supportive for me.:)
So about her.: she has the most amazing eyes and I'm absolutely jealous of them.:) and I like her hair.:)
She's my personal helper.:) And she's always near me.:)
And today she helped me to do the important decision.(for me) And I'm really thankful.:)

P.S: I had to write it here.:) And I hope she's going to at least start the story.:) She's an amazing writer.<3 I absolutely adore her stories.<3
By the way this post has nothing to do with Drawings, I just didn't draw for the whole 2 weeks, well except from teddy bears and pandas, so. I promise, I'm going to draw something over the Easter Holidays.:)

I love Ya Mummy.:* :)
 Your Angel.:)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bored at school

Eww why do computers classes have to be so boring?o.O
And on Wednesday me and Paulie gonna have to play one scene from Romeo and Juliet..EWWW!>-<
I'm really bad at speaking in public so it's going to be a total fail!
Sorry Paulie.:*
By the way this post has nothing to do with Drawing.:D I just had a chance to use a computer.:)


Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Drawing...:L

Today I found a beautiful picture of the girl with bunny ears and she somehow was a robot.<3 :D
I drew her just because she had a bunny ears! Bunny ears are my and Paulie's weak point.(It's a long story) In two words: we're calling one boy whom I like a bunny, so I'm somehow addicted to those fluffy balls.<3 But my ma won't allow me to buy one.:L
So about drawing: It's a really quick sketch, I finished it in an hour I think. Maybe less, maybe more.(not sure about the time), but it's not that bad. hah, hmm I'm probably going to fix it today and I'll post it here.:) I still have to think of the name for the drawing, though.:L And I hate finding the names.:L Hmm so.:)
Don't be scared, it's just a sketch, it never is going to be put in my portfolio!:D
What do you think about: robobunny?:D kay I'm not serious.:) I can't be serious.:)
I'll think of the name in school.:P I think the reason schools were built is: students can actually dream on the lessons.:D And mostly all of them are drawing, or writing something...:).

And just now I had a NEW DRAWING IDEA!
P.S I had an idea about 4 months ago, the idea was: to draw my and Paulie's favorite park in Dublin.:) A lot of things happened in this park.:) So I want to do the big A3 drawing of: Mountjoy Square Park.<3 And maybe just maybe I'm going to use colors for the whole drawing.:) (I don't like using colors in my drawings, I prefer black and white drawings.) 
Okay peeps time for me to go school.:L Ewwww.:D
Love yous.:*

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hmm I'm getting really bored just sitting at home doing nothing.:L 
About 3 weeks ago I decided to take a little break till summer.  But I might as well start drawing again this week. 
Luv Ya peeps.:* :) As soon as I will be ready I'll publish more drawings.:)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Graffiti Room..

Oh I had the weirdest idea today I think.:)
I wanted to paint my room in to different colors and draw some symbols, drawings etc on the walls, but I don't think my mom will be so exited about the idea, though. So I think my room won't change now...:( But I will definitely change something in my room.:P

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lost Faith.

I don't know why, but somehow (for me) Angel seems upset, I don't know where did I get the idea that she was betrayed by people who meant the most to her, but that's that I am thinking, when I'm looking at the drawing...:) Hope it's looks okay.:) I don't like the shading at all.:( It looks all messy, and ugly,  probably going to correct it again.:)


Since I was really bored sitting at home doing absolutely nothing, I decided to start my own blog, and maybe I'll even post some of my (awful) drawings...Don't be scared people, I'm just learning.:) Everyone makes mistakes....I did the biggest one when I started drawing I think, but I can't imagine myself without pencil and paper now.:) Think that drawing became little part of my life.:)