Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Drawing...:L

Today I found a beautiful picture of the girl with bunny ears and she somehow was a robot.<3 :D
I drew her just because she had a bunny ears! Bunny ears are my and Paulie's weak point.(It's a long story) In two words: we're calling one boy whom I like a bunny, so I'm somehow addicted to those fluffy balls.<3 But my ma won't allow me to buy one.:L
So about drawing: It's a really quick sketch, I finished it in an hour I think. Maybe less, maybe more.(not sure about the time), but it's not that bad. hah, hmm I'm probably going to fix it today and I'll post it here.:) I still have to think of the name for the drawing, though.:L And I hate finding the names.:L Hmm so.:)
Don't be scared, it's just a sketch, it never is going to be put in my portfolio!:D
What do you think about: robobunny?:D kay I'm not serious.:) I can't be serious.:)
I'll think of the name in school.:P I think the reason schools were built is: students can actually dream on the lessons.:D And mostly all of them are drawing, or writing something...:).

And just now I had a NEW DRAWING IDEA!
P.S I had an idea about 4 months ago, the idea was: to draw my and Paulie's favorite park in Dublin.:) A lot of things happened in this park.:) So I want to do the big A3 drawing of: Mountjoy Square Park.<3 And maybe just maybe I'm going to use colors for the whole drawing.:) (I don't like using colors in my drawings, I prefer black and white drawings.) 
Okay peeps time for me to go school.:L Ewwww.:D
Love yous.:*

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