Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paulie= the best person who is near me.:)

I wanted to write at least something nice about Paulie.:) She's really nice& beautiful, and I'm always acting like a bitch with her.:L But she's always nice and supportive for me.:)
So about her.: she has the most amazing eyes and I'm absolutely jealous of them.:) and I like her hair.:)
She's my personal helper.:) And she's always near me.:)
And today she helped me to do the important decision.(for me) And I'm really thankful.:)

P.S: I had to write it here.:) And I hope she's going to at least start the story.:) She's an amazing writer.<3 I absolutely adore her stories.<3
By the way this post has nothing to do with Drawings, I just didn't draw for the whole 2 weeks, well except from teddy bears and pandas, so. I promise, I'm going to draw something over the Easter Holidays.:)

I love Ya Mummy.:* :)
 Your Angel.:)


  1. Janey! Oh my god! I love you tooo! You are the best child ever! I love hanging wiht you and I don't remember even one time when you were a bitch to me <3 u loads

  2. Yes that's me.:D :).Thanks, I'm glad to hear that at least someone loves me.:) Thank you.:)
    I love hanging with you as well. cause we always have loads of fun, and always meet sexy asses.:D
    I'm acting like a ALL OF THE TIME?!
    <3 u loads as well.:):*

  3. Welcome, I bet I'm not the only one who loves you :) :D Sexy asses are attracted to us :D by saying all of the time you mean never?! O.o
    <3 u loads :) :*

  4. Oh no you're the only one.:) I wish JJ or even C. was one of the sexy asses who's attracted to us.:D
    no i mean like forever?!
    <3 u 2.:*

  5. You're the only one who loves me too :) Might be :D Biatch never noticed :D <3 ya

  6. No Beka loves you, and Alice.:) and I do.:)
    No deffo not attracted to us, to Beka more likely.:P
    JJ....hmm probably not.:L
    <3 ya 2.