Friday, March 30, 2012


Oh guys, I hadn't posted drawings in like 2 weeks or something, and I'm just too lazy to get my ass off the bed and go to the printer.
I know I have to put drawings and everything on Draw It Up....And I promise I will, not today, but tomorrow, I hope.:)

And now I have to pick one of the ideas for my new drawing:

  • I have that idea of drawings some kind of big posters, to put on my wall........But I'm not sure, what the theme of the poster should be?: animals, people, bands, or just some stuff, like writings, drawings and everything mixed all together.:) 
  • The Mountjoy Square Park, landscape, I never started it.:L I have a little sketch somewhere though.:)
  • And the last one is: the Hunger Games theme poster.<3 I'm totally in love with the movie and the books, especially with Peeta.(Josh Hutcherson) So I might actually draw his portrait.:) 
I don't know which one to pick, I like all 3 of them, but I have to pick at least the one to start with.....
Paulie I so need your advice!:* :)

From Angel.:)


  1. I like the Peeta idea and everything mixed together.....wanna combine those two? :) Welcome

  2. How?:D
    Well I love Peeta, so I love the idea.<3

  3. Well you can draw peeta and then do like little hints lets say draw a panda sayting we both have nice asses or a teddy bear saying I need a hug. Then you could do like little graffiti walls like an angel or a tear and a hand wiping it off. just stuff htat inspires you.

  4. Hmm good idea, maybe i'll try.:)